Shawna is in Vegas and all us gals that got left behind are waiting with anticipation to see what she brings back with her!

We may be secretly hoping she missed us enough to get us each a little souvenir, but we are also hoping the stuff she buys at market will blow us all away! 

While she's gone, we've knocked some items down from 40% to 50%. She is going to be bringing so much back with her, we need the space!!!

On another note- our party is coming up in a week and WOOT! WOOT! It is going to be AMAZING!!!

If you haven't gotten your ticket to attend- you should! Its going to be an absolute blast. It may be too late to get the free Tee, because we've had to order them, but there is some other cool stuff, and more importantly, you will get to spend time with your favorite Polkadot peeps!

We've got lots more to tell you, so stop by and chat with us! 

Here at Polkadots- We LOVE our customers!